Ginza, the intersection between tradition, culture, and trends.
A convenient location for shopping, sightseeing, and enjoying world-class dining.
There are many quality sightseeing places within walking distance.

Tourist Attractions

  • Kabukiza Theatre

    Kabukiza Theatre

    [ A minute walk from the hotel ]

    • culture

    A theatre where you can enjoy viewing the traditional Japanese performance art of “Kabuki.” Aside from watching theatre, this facility offers Kabuki-themed souvenir shops, the Kobikicho Plaza on the 2nd floor basement with dessert stalls, the open-air garden on the 5th floor, and the Kabukiza Theatre Gallery annex to experience the joy of Kabuki from different aspects.

  • Ginza 4th Street

    Ginza 4th Street

    [ 3 minutes walk from the hotel ]

    • shopping
    • gourmet

    Ginza is made up of 8 streets (or 1 to 8 chome), and the center right here is a shopping and culture area full of luxury name-brands that attract the eyes of the visitors.

  • Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple

    Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple

    [ 5 minutes walk from the hotel ]

    • culture

    After the main hall in Asakusa burned down in the great fire of the Meireki era in 1657, the Edo Tokugawa shogunate ordered the rebuilding on the current location (at the time this area was under the sea), of which became the origin of the name “Tsuki (build) Ji (land).”
    (text: cited from the Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple Website)

  • Tsukiji Outer Market Shopping Street

    Tsukiji Outer Market Shopping Street

    [ 7 minutes walk from the hotel ]

    • shopping
    • gourmet

    Currently the Outer Market Shopping Street of the Tsukiji Market has moved to Toyosu. Inside the premise are approximately 460 stores where you can enjoy the same great atmosphere, food, fresh produce and ingredients from yesteryear.

  • Hama-rikyu Gardens

    Hama-rikyu Gardens

    [ 15 minutes walk from the hotel ]

    • nature

    This noted Daimyo Garden (garden for a feudal lord) of the Edo era houses the Shioiri-no-ike (Shioiri: incoming tide), a pond that draws water from the sea and changes it’s appearance in accordance with the rise and fall of the tide, and 2 Kamoba (Duck hunting sites in the garden) sites.
    (cited from the Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association’s “Let’s Go to the Gardens”)

  • Tsukishima


    [ After a short walk from the hotel, board the Chuo Ward Community bus for 20 minutes ]

    • shopping
    • gourmet

    Due to the great access to the Tsukiji and Ginza area, many people arrived here and settled down. The monja-yaki is a famous and noted gourmet specialty.

  • Toyosu Market

    Toyosu Market

    [ 25 minutes by bus from the hotel ]

    • shopping
    • gourmet

    Moved from the Tsukiji Market and opened in 2018. Handles produce and seafood, as well as a deck to see the tuna auctions up close and a Green Roof Plaza have been built. Inside are full of stores that offer merchandise and restaurants.

  • Marunouchi and the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

    Marunouchi and the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace

    [ 20 minutes by train from the hotel ]

    • shopping

    Marunouchi is home to a business district and restaurants, as well as various high-rise buildings with many different types of shops. Heading straight towards Nijūbashimae, you will come across the Imperial Palace. At the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace that is open to the public are the historical remains of the Edo Castle Keep.

  • Tokyo Traffic Hall

    Tokyo Traffic Hall

    [ 10 minutes walk from the hotel ]

    • shopping
    • gourmet

    A facility located in front of the Yuurakuchou Station that houses passport centers and bookstores, as well as travel agencies, restaurants, and antennae shops of various regions in Japan. There is an observation restaurant on the 15th floor frequented by all age groups.

  • Hibiya Park

    Hibiya Park

    [ 15 minutes walk from the hotel ]

    • nature

    Famous and noted as an oasis inside a metropolitan city, this is the first western-style park in Japan. Even though it is located in the middle of the city, the spaciousness and nature of the park will comfort and relax all those who come and visit.

  • Senso-ji Temple

    Senso-ji Temple

    [ 20 minutes by train from the hotel ]

    • culture

    The “Fūraijinmon” (commonly called: Kaminarimon) has a 3.9 m high and 3.3 m wide red lantern weighing 700 kg hanging in its center, along with the statues of the Fūjin (Wind God), Raijin (Thunder God), and the Ryuou (Dragon God).

  • Tokyo Tower

    Tokyo Tower

    [ 20 minutes by train from the hotel ]

    • other

    The facility can be enjoyed both inside and outside as it houses a foot town that utilizes a top deck for activities, entertainment and restaurants.