The areas around our hotel near Sapporo city center are dotted with sightseeing spots
and other places where visitors can experience the Sapporo food culture.
Please enjoy your time here!!

Tourist Attractions

  • Odori Park

    Odori Park

    [ 11 minutes walk from the hotel ]

    • nature

    It's a place for relaxing and refreshing where you can enjoy various events throughout the year, including the Snow Festival, the summer beer garden, and the famous Corn Wagon.

  • Mt. Moiwa

    Mt. Moiwa

    [ About 30 minutes by car from the hotel ]

    • nature

    You can enjoy nature just 20 minutes off the center of Sapporo. Take the ropeway to enjoy the cityscape of Sapporo to Ishikari Bay in the distance. It is also a popular ski resort in the winter.

  • Okurayama Winter Sports Museum

    Okurayama Winter Sports Museum

    [ About 20 minutes by car from the hotel ]

    • culture

    Okurayama, famous for its jumping stadium, also has a museum to display and introduce the records and history of the Winter Olympics Sapporo Games. The area you can experience winter sports is also popular.

  • Ramen Culture

    Ramen Culture

    [ About 4 minutes walk from the hotel to Ramen Yokocho ]

    • culture
    • gourmet

    Sapporo is home to many shops, including the Susukino area where many people visit as the origin of miso ramen. Explore and find your favorite bowl of ramen.

  • Moerenuma Park

    Moerenuma Park

    [ About 32 minutes by car from the hotel ]

    • nature

    In the spacious park located in the northeastern part of Sapporo designed by Japanese-American Isamu Noguchi, you will find numerous art objects such as the glass pyramid, the symbol of Moerenuma Park. From adults to children, everyone can enjoy the park through experiencing the art.

  • Sapporo Dome

    Sapporo Dome

    [ About 20 minutes by car from the hotel ]

    • culture

    As the largest all-weather dome in Hokkaido, various events are held in addition to soccer and baseball.

  • Nakajima Park

    Nakajima Park

    [ About 6 minutes walk from the hotel ]

    • nature

    While being located in the center of Sapporo, it is a popular park with full of water and greens, certified as the "100 Best City Parks of Japan". Various musical events are held at the Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara within the park.

  • Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill

    Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill

    [ About 22 minutes by car from the hotel ]

    • nature

    Although it is located in the big city of Sapporo, it offers a scenic spot where you can see the pastoral scenery of Hokkaido overlooking the herd of sheep grazing in a vast pasture, as well as the Ishikari plain just below your eyes. Various events that children can enjoy are also held.

  • Former Hokkaido Government Office Building (Red Brick Office)

    Former Hokkaido Government Office Building (Red Brick Office)

    [ About 14 minutes on subway from Susukino Station ]

    • culture

    The building made of bricks, nicknamed "Red Brick Office", was built in the American neo-baroque style in 1888. Inside are the building to keep the documents as well as the Karafuto Kankei Museum, a nationally designated important cultural property that is open to the public.