The blessings of the land and sea of Hokkaido


A breakfast buffet using ingredients from Hokkaido

The perfectly steamed Hokkaido rice "Fukkurinko" and around 80 other selections using ingredients from Hokkaido are available on the menu.
Additional selections like milk from healthy cows raised in the great nature of Hokkaido and a kids' menu are also available.

Commitment to food

  • Specially-selected rice

    Specially-selected rice

    Taste, color, sheen, stickiness, fragrance, softness, and mouth-feel. These 7 factors are what make Hokkaido's brand name rice "Fukkurinko" so delicious. Enjoy the freshly-steamed rice.

  • Side dishes to accentuate the rice.

    Side dishes to accentuate the rice.

    Together with our proudly-served rice is domestically-made pickled plum, fermented soybeans, seasonal pickled vegetables, and other popular selections that compliment the rice.

  • Select regional specialties

    Select regional specialties

    Hokkaido has many high quality ingredients thanks to our abundant resources in the sea and mountains. potatoes, pumpkin, and milk are among the specialty ingredients of Hokkaido.




Floor 1F
Hours of operation 6:30 - 10:00
Seats 44

Contact the restaurant at: tel. +81-11-512-8500