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Relaxation in a spacious and comfortable room.

We have 11 types of guestrooms that are functional as well as comfortable.
For visitors to Sapporo, whether it be for business or leisure, we promise you a stay that is definitively upscale.


  • All rooms are at a spacious 28 square meters at the minimum.

    All rooms are at a spacious 28 square meters at the minimum.

    The comfortable openness and calm room will calm the tension from your journey.

  • All guestrooms have free Wi-Fi.

    Humidifier and air purifier available.

    The whole building has free Wi-Fi connectivity. Convenient for business use.

  • Complete facilities/service

    Complete facilities/service

    In order to make your stay more comfortable, there are amenities available at your choosing called "Smart Select."SERVICE


  • Guest Room

    Guest Room2F~11F

    Total rooms: 167
    Non-smoking rooms: 33
    Total capacity: 479 persons

    See Details

  • Restaurant


    The breakfast buffet has about 40 selections made with ingredients sourced in Hokkaido.

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  • Banquets/Meeting rooms

    Banquets/Meeting rooms2F

    Space for small and mid-sized banquets, meetings, or seminars is available.

  • Parking lot

    Parking lotAdjacent to hotel

    Paid parking lot with a capacity of 100 spaces.
    Fee: 1300 yen (tax included) per night

  • Vending machines

    Vending machines1F/4F/7F

    Vending machines for soft drinks are on 1F, 7F, alcoholic drinks on 4F, 6F, 8F, and cigarettes on 1F.

  • Ice machine

    Ice machine7F

    Available for free use. Please use the ice pail in your guestroom.


  • Massage


    Enjoy your hotel stay by releasing your tension.
    Fee: 2160 yen and up/20 minutes or more
    Availability: Until 25:00

  • Laundry service

    Laundry service

    Drop off your laundry in the laundry bag in your guestroom and take it to the front desk by 10 in the morning, and we will have it ready for you in the late afternoon. (Requires fee) *During Sundays, holidays, Year end season, and Bon holidays, we will have your laundry ready on the late afternoon of the next business day.

  • Internet connectivity.

    Internet connectivity.

    All guestrooms have Wi-Fi and wired LAN for free.

  • Rental PC

    Rental PC

    Available at the front desk. Supplies are limited.
    Usage fee: 1000 per night

  • Newspaper service

    Newspaper service

    Available for sale on 1F by the front desk. (Requires fee) Please contact the front desk if you wish to have it delivered to your guestroom.

  • Rental bicycle

    Rental bicycle

    We have prepared rental bicycles for tourism purposes around the city. (Requires fee) Please contact the front desk to rent.
    *Not available during the winter.

  • FAX/Copying service

    FAX/Copying service

    Available at the front desk. (Requires fee)

  • Valuables


    We can hold onto your valuables at the safe behind the front desk.
    *We cannot be held responsible for loss or theft that occurs in your guestroom.

  • Taxi


    Reservations for taxis and tourism taxis can be made at the front desk.

  • Courier service

    Courier service

    Available at the front desk.